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The Vandercook Universal 1 Proof Press - header Vandercook Universal 1 Proof Press in the Craftboy Workshop

According to Fritz Klinke of NA Graphics, current owner of the Vandercook name and source of Vandercook supplies as well as a host of other letterpress supplies:

"SN 29289 was shipped 8-12-71 to Gene Cohen Typographers at 304 West 10th Street, Kansas City, Missouri 64105 and has standard equipment with a .918 type bed. There were maybe 40 more presses made after this one (Universal 1s) and then Vandercook folded. So, it is a very high serial number press and one of the very last to be made. Being with the original owner all these years, and in a typography shop, it should have been well taken care of. I'll update my card with your information. Gene probably paid around $4000 to $5000 by that time for this press."

The Craftboy Workshop acquired this press in October 2001.

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